Ares Catalog 2050

Colt America L36

Colt, a subdivision of Ares, constantly setting the standard in fine American firearms. And so it is that we introduce a new version of an old classic. The Colt American has had a long history of being the best light pistol money can buy and the L36 is no different. From the 11 round clip to the reliability of this semi-automatic firearm. When you pick this up you will know your firing a Colt. Used by professional gunslingers since the time of the wild west Colt has been Americas choice for handguns. Order yours today for 350 nuyen!

Ares Predator

Ares predator

The Ares Predator is the finest in Heavy Pistols. This quality weapon is the preferred weapon among mercenaries and professional security. The semi-automatic pistol features a 15 round clip. Don’t get caught with a poor quality weapon that jams when you need it most. Order online now for only 450 nuyen!

H&K 227

Looking for the finest in sub-machine guns? Look no further than a Heckler and Koch. When you buy H&K you buy quality and reliability. Don’t be fooled by the competition H&K firearms never let you down. That is why every H&K weapon comes with our standard Ares warranty. Featuring a 28 round clip with semi-auto and burst fire modes the 227 gets the job done. Don’t forget when comparing this to other models that we offer built in gas vents and an integrated laser sight for free! Buy today for only 1500 nuyen!

Ares Catalog 2050

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